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This miniature sculpture is found on a pillar in a very ancient huge temple in North Pandya Country. 
The Mid-Pandya dynasty developed a particular style of their own in sculpture. 
They also specialised in miniature sculpting. 
The Murugan in the picture is known as 'Mayuradhirudar'. AdhiSankarar's SriSubrahmanya Bhujangam starts with the line "Mayuraadhiruudam, Mahaavkyakuudam...."
This sculpture is 1 jaaN in height. A jaaN is 9 inches. You can compare with the palm at the side. 
The feathers in the Peacock's breast, Wings, the tail feathers, the legs, the thaNdais worn by the peacock on its legs, the ornaments of Murugan, the face are all meticulously sculpted. You must notice the swirling snake hanging from the peak of the peacock. The Unnamed Unknown Sculptor has created three dimesions within two dimensions.